Prepared Food Delivery – Right to You

Prepared Meals That Fit Your Dietary Needs – Fully Prepared Meals, Home Delivered

Whether you are buying for yourself or ordering for a loved one, shop with confidence knowing that our Chefs have done the hard work. Based on your needs/wants, we will develop a selection of delicious meals, tailored to meet specific dietary requirements. The moment a meal leaves the stove it is quickly packed and delivered to your door to lock in nutrition, flavor and juiciness. This way, your food delivery is fresh, hot and delicious.

Sanibel Catering Company can prepare something everyone will love! Choose from ‘Home Cooking’ standards to Gourmet meals, based on what your mood or taste is, and our food delivery is quick and efficient.

Do you need to promote good health through nutritionally balanced meals?
Our Chefs can work with you to create perfect Diabetic, Weight Loss, Senior, Low Sodium and Gluten Free meals.

Plus, you’ll find a treasure of Ocean Fresh Seafood – All food delivery right to you!

Not to be confused with prepackaged meals, these are your own personal meals our Chefs prepare with care, attention and a firm eye on healthy standards, and the food delivery is quick and efficient. Many of our meals are available across categories. All of our meals are a careful balance of flavor and nutrition.

Please click here to start planning your special custom-prepped meals, or call us at (239) 472-1516 and let us do the cooking [and delivering] for you!