Sanibel Catering

Sanibel Catering Company by Baileys serves residents and guests on Sanibel Island and Captiva Island providing customized catering for events small and large. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to meet their catering needs. Looking for a private, intimate affair with your loved one? We will work with you to create the perfect menu of your favorite food items.

Have a larger group? Perhaps family and friends? We work with you to find the perfect food and beverage choices, so that everyone walks away satiated and thrilled with your family event.

Have a very large group? Our experienced chefs will recommend the right food and beverage choices, so that everyone enjoys the tasty food and have a great event experience that suits their needs.

Wedding Catering

It’s your special day. You want to make sure that everything is perfect. Leave the food to us. We work with you – side by side – creating a spectacular menu meeting your goals and all within your budget.

Tell us what you want. Your vision of your wedding… we will make the right recommendations to help your wedding vision come to light.

We find that sometimes we can help you save some money by offering some alternatives to more pricey menu items that perhaps you haven’t even thought about.

We can create the perfect wedding experience for you and your guests.

For grande weddings with hundreds of guests; we can start by serving champagne, wine and/or cocktails to your guests, passing hors d’oeuvres while your guests admire their beautiful surroundings; followed by providing fabulous meat carving stations along with exquisite buffet tables with loads of fresh Florida seafood, meats, vegetables, and so much more.

Alternately, our white glove catering service can include a seated dinner serving hundreds. We will recommend menu options encompassing a variety of options meeting the needs of the most discernable pallet.

Our wedding options are completely flexible. We can accommodate beach-side wedding parties, private settings or large event venues with plated dinners for hundreds of guests. Just let us know what you need and we are here to serve you and find the right mix of food, non-alcoholic beverages, wines, champagne and cocktails.

Mid-size Events Catering

At Sanibel Catering Company we pride ourselves in helping you create the menu to fit your event. Not only do we execute on your catering ideas, we are here to recommend ideas to help reduce your catering costs while keeping a keen-eye on your objectives. While we never compromise quality, we find that from time to time we can recommend items that help save costs that are equally as tasty as the alternative.

For mid-size events, we can offer typical buffet-style, seated dining – or whatever you desire. We are flexible and will staff accordingly.

Private and Small Events Catering

Everything we do at Sanibel Catering is designed to meet our clients’ needs. From private in-home dining, to small venues, to on the beach-side dining – whatever venue fits your event goals; we can customize the experience to meet your needs. And we are always available to create a custom menu based on your likes and desires.

Typically, our clients will provide their wish list along with their budget. Once we have both; we work toward meeting – and hopefully exceeding your event goals with the finest catering menu possible.

Recent Sanibel Catering Client Testimonial

December 17, 2017
Chef Karl,

THANK YOU!  Our guests raved about the food at the wedding. Some said those crab cakes were the best they ever had! Thank you for providing an excellent service at an affordable cost!
– S. Wolf

Contact us for a Quote for Your Catered Event

Call us at 239-472-1516 to schedule a free catering consultation and let us provide you with the best catering experience on Sanibel Island or Captiva Island around. It is better that we have notice well in advance particularly when planning a large catered event; however, we are here to serve you and will do the best we can to offer a quick turnaround, when necessary.